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SCOPE, the Shooters Committee on Political Education, is a volunteer civil rights special interest group dedicated to protecting and preserving the right of New York citizens to keep and bear arms according to the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, and New York Civil Rights Law, Article 2, Section 4. SCOPE works mainly at the state level of governance. Donations to SCOPE are not tax deductible.

New members are always welcome. General membership information is readily available on the SCOPE NY Web pages. SCOPE accepts PayPal from their web site. Membership applications may be also be mailed to: Shooters Committee On Political Education, PO Box 165, East Aurora, NY 14052. Make checks out to SCOPE, Inc. (Do not send cash).

Application- (print information and mail form):

Name:_____________________________________ Date of Birth:_____________


City:_________________________________ State:________ Zip:___________

NY County:__________________



Membership Dues: Annual $25: (___)    3 Year $70 (___)   Sponsor: $50 (___)

3 Year Sponsor: $140 (___)          Life $600: (___)            Endowment $800: (___)

Benefactor $1,000: (___)                   Senior Life (65+) (___) $250 with proof of age

Donation to Legal Aid Fund Amount: (______)   New Member: (___) Renewal: (___)

(__)SCOPE Patch $5                  (__)SCOPE Window Decal $2.50 (_)Inside (_)Outside

How do you wish to receive SCOPE newsletter FIRING LINES? US Mail (__) Email (__)

Are you registered to vote? Yes (__) No (__)


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